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Hot dang this music slaps!! Hope you'll put it up on NG :D
Awesome job, also with the animation!

The kaworu part destroyed me pffhaha

looooool this made me laugh. The timing of the pikachu and the punching is hilarious and though i think a better mic for higher audio quality would be good i like the voice acting!

Art wise i think either lines or more contrast in the colors might help give the whole more clarity and crispyness!

Great work!
(p.s. i do believe in the Japanese version mewtwo actually has a female voice so...might make for nice material for a follow-up? *eyebrow wiggle* ohoho)

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Naww man, this just melts my tention away <3 Thought of how special music is and the power of it just popped up in my mind while listening to this!

U musicians are something else haha

Nice! I'm getting more and more immersed in the story and wondering what's going on and where it's gonna go! :D

The background sounds really give this extra dimension of the surroundings and the world, really cool! Sometimes they're a bit loud so it's difficult to hear the narration but it really adds to the overall feel.
I really like how you covered up the voice effect of the interviewing by saying he has a condition, that made me laugh xD

Looking forward to the next one and thanks for having me on this!

Nice job! I'm interested in where the story is going.
Zeph is a little bit hard to follow/understand now and then (did he have a hangover when doing the interview? lol) but he (you) sounds very natural and "believe-able" as a character.

Looking forward to the continuation! :D

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I love how rough and at the same time crisp this piece is! Amazing! The colors and the admosphere are fantastic too, i could really learn from you!

rvhomweg responds:

thanks for the lovely input!! really appreciate it !ç!!

Man, your lines and shading feel like water! Amazing!

Oooh, seriously love the almost glowing smile! Gives it a fantastic admosphere!

Amateur artist by choice~

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